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Welcome to the AliExpress English info site for the UK and the USA! does not have their own customer service yet. That’s why I’ve written a variety of articles about the problems that people encounter when they try to order. You will find numerous articles brimming with useful information about AliExpress UK or AliExpress USA. You’ll also find information about the products that are for sale on the site. How about reading some useful blogs about these things for example:

All of these English blogs were written to inform you and help you order products on AliExpress in the UK or USA!

Useful Articles on AliExpress English Info Site UK or USA

Missing package from One of the most common problems concerns your address. Most of the time the address is not filled in completely, or not at all. Of course, this means that your package won’t arrive. But, there is a simple solution: log into the English AliExpress USA or UK site and press the button “Add a new address” under the option “Shipping Address” in the “My Orders” menu. After that, you can simply cancel your previous order with the faulty address and place a new one. This is only one of many problems people encounter when they want to order from AliExpress UK/USA. You  can read several articles on these problems and their solutions on this English info site.


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AliExpress UK or AliExpress USA – Not happy about your order?

So, you’ve got your order from, but you’re not happy with it. The first thing you should do is login to AliExpress UK or USA and contact the seller. They will try their best to solve the problem. However, if they are not cooperative and you can’t reach an agreement, you can always open a “dispute”. Usually this is quite effective, and more often than not you’ll get your refund. If you still have questions about any of the things mentioned above, or if you have another question about using AliExpress from the UK or USA in English, simply send an email to

Ordering Top Products on AliExpress UK or AliExpress USA

Below you’ll find a selection of several top products with links to AliExpress UK / USA, so you can order them from in English.

How do I track my AliExpress UK or AliExpress USA Order?

This is another frequently asked question that I get when people order from in English. How do you track your order from AliExpress UK or AliExpress USA? Once you are logged in to the site, you can easily track your order, you’ll always be provided with a tracking code. Simply use the side, search for the tracking code, and you’ll roughly see where the package is. If your postal agency has the package, you’ll usually see its location in your country as well. Then it’s just a matter of patience! Unfortunately, shipping isn’t as fast as online orders from your own country, that might be delivered in a few days. When you order at the English AliExpress – UK or USA, the shipping time can vary from an average of 2-4 weeks to 1-2 months, before your long-awaited package finally lands on your doorstep.

AliExpress – in English or other languages 

The Aliexpress website is now fully available in English. Also the text has been translated to several languages such as Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Indonesian, French. Additionally easy translation options are offered to many other common languages. So if you don’t speak English the AliExpress website is also readable in many other languages. 

1. Click here to open AliExpress in another tab
2. Look in the top right corner. There will be the link that reads language or country
3. Change the #2 (the ‘language‘ one) to the language of your choice 

aliexpress english

Aliexpress tips for UK and USA

Shopping on AliExpress for the UK and USA involves some considerations to ensure a smooth experience. Here are some tips:

General Tips:
1. Check seller ratings and reviews
Look for sellers with high ratings and positive reviews. This is a good indicator of their reliability.

2. Choose sellers with a proven track record:
Opt for UK / US sellers who have been on AliExpress for a longer period and have a history of successful transactions.

3. Read product reviews:
Pay attention to reviews specific to your country. This can give you insights into shipping times and the product’s performance in your region.

4. Understand shipping times
Be aware of the estimated shipping times, and consider paying extra for faster shipping if you need the items quickly.

5. Check customs and import regulations
Understand the customs and import regulations for your country. Some products may be subject to taxes or import duties.

6. Use secure payment methods
Preferably use secure payment methods like credit cards or PayPal for added buyer protection.

Tips for AliExpress UK:
1. Consider VAT and customs charges:
Be aware of potential Value Added Tax (VAT) and customs charges for items coming from outside the UK.

2. Choose local warehouses:
Some sellers on AliExpress offer products shipped from local warehouses in the UK, which can reduce shipping times and avoid certain customs issues.

3. Check the currency:
Make sure the prices are displayed in GBP (British Pounds) to avoid any currency conversion surprises.

Tips for AliExpress USA:
1. Shipping time considerations:
Understand that shipping times can vary, and it’s essential to balance cost with delivery speed.

2. Customs declaration:
Products shipped to the USA may be subject to customs inspections. Be aware of any restrictions on certain items.

3. Check for US-based sellers:
Some sellers on AliExpress have USA-based warehouses, which can significantly reduce shipping times.

4. Track your package:
Use the tracking information provided by the seller to keep an eye on the package’s location during transit.

Remember that individual experiences can vary, so staying informed and being cautious is key. If you encounter any issues, AliExpress customer service for UK or USA can be helpful in resolving disputes.

Questions or Need More Information in English about 

If you have any lingering questions, or just need some extra information about ordering from AliExpress UK or AliExpress USA, and you just can’t seem to find the answer on the site, don’t fear! You can always contact us about ordering on in English by writing us an email at You’ll always receive answers in English, for anything concerning Happy shopping on the AliExpress website!

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