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AliExpress afterpay is possible as of June 2019. So you don’t have to pay when you order products. You only need to pay when you have received the products. AliExpress works with Klarna to realize this. This is a tech company from sweden, specializing in afterpay, which is now also possible for AliExpress. In this blog we tell you more about how afterpay on Aliexpress works.

Use AliExpress afterpay from now on

With internet shopping and indeed with AliExpress, it’s normal that you order something, pay for it immediately and then wait a few days for the order to arrive. If you are not satisfied, you send the stuff back and wait until you get your money back. This can be frustrated because you have to wait a long time before you get your money back. Aliexpress afterpay is perfect in this kind of situations. 

AliExpress afterpay with Klarna

Now you can pay afterwards on AliExpress using Klarna. This can be done no later than 14 days after sending the package. If your package hasn’t arrived yet, you can postpone the payment via the app. This is ideal because you can decided  afterwards if you want to pay for the ordered items. Young people use this type of platform the most (Klarna, Afterpay).

Disadvantage of AliExpress afterpay

Disadvantage of AliExpress afterpay is that you actually incur a debt. If you order because you haven’t received any money yet, the risk might be not worth it.

aliexpress afterpay

Afterpay with Klarna from Sweden

There are now about 7500 webshops that collaborate with Klarna and allow afterpay, like AliExpress does. For example Greetz, Gamma and the Score. As AliExpress ships all products from China, it may take a while before an order arrives. Still, it is possible to use afterpay for the ordered products from AliExpress. You will get the opportunity to test the product first, before paying by afterpay. The popularity of afterpay is growing monthly. Klarna expects that this will grow yearly.  

Questions about AliExpress afterpay?

Do you have questions about paying for products with AliExpress afterpay? You can mail to or fill in the contact form. Also for other AliExpress information you are on the right website. From ordering specific products to helpdesk items. All the information you are looking for can be found on this website. 

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