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AliExpress: tracking your order. How do you do that exactly? I often get messages from people that it’s hard to track their package from AliExpress. That’s because you’ll need several sites to track your AliExpress shipping. This might seem a bit overwhelming, but in this blog we’ll explain each of the steps involved with tracking your AliExpress package – from the seller in China to your doorstep.

Tracking Your AliExpress Package – Arrival in Your Country

The first step to tracking Aliexpress orders is straightforward: just login to the Aliexpress site. Once you are in the “Manage Orders” menu, all you need to do in order to track your AliExpress shipping is to find the order you want to track in your order list, and click the button “Track Order” that appears on the righthand side of it. On this page you’ll get some rough shipping information and the actual tracking number. However: this number can change sometimes! But as soon as the package has arrived in your country, you can use the number to track your AliExpress package through the site, or your country’s postal service.

But what if your package has not arrived in your country yet? That makes things a little bit more complicated, but you can still find out where your order is, if you know how to track Aliexpress orders!

aliexpress tracking

Tracking Your AliExpress Shipping – Departure From China

A lot of people would like to track their AliExpress order before it reaches their country. There are several sites where you can easily track your AliExpress package, even when it has not reached your country’s postal service yet. We have had good experiences with these two sites: or Enter your tracking number and you’ll be able to track your Aliexpress shipping. The average delivery time for a normal package is about two to six weeks. However, there is also the premium delivery option for packages, which means your package will be delivered at your doorstep between 1 – 2 weeks.

Tracking Your AliExpress Order – Exceptions

Sometimes it happens that you want to track your AliExpress package, but it has been returned to China. If this happens, first login to your account and check if you have correctly filled in your address under the “Manage Orders” menu, option “Shipping Address”. If your address is not correct, change it immediately!

Can you get a refund if your package has been returned?

Short answer: yes, this is possible. If you are tracking your AliExpress package and find out that it has been returned to China, you can open a dispute with the seller. Make it clear that you’ve been tracking your AliExpress shipping and found out that it has been returned, and that you would like to receive the package again. If that is not possible, there is also the option to get a refund through the system.

Need Help Tracking Your AliExpress Order?

If you’re still unable to track your AliExpress package, or if it just doesn’t seem to work, you can always contact us by emailing us at You can use this email address for any questions about tracking AliExpress shipping! We are also collecting positive and negative reviews about tracking AliExpress, so feel free to write us if you want to share! We can place these reviews under this blog anonymously.


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