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In this article, I will provide some tips for buying a phone on AliExpress. More and more people order a phone from China. This phone contains several extras, powerful hardware for a low price.  Make sure to pay attention to a few things!

Buying an AliExpress phone

Currently, Huawei is a great example of a Chinese phone brand that is very popular. This manufacturer sells most phones in the world after Samsung. As a result, this brand is larger in terms of sales than Apple. Besides this brand, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Oppo are becoming increasingly well known. They also offer phones through AliExpress.

Phone brands on AliExpress

In addition to the newly named brands telephone at AliExpress, there are emerging brands which will become household names in the future:

  • Meizu
  • HomTom
  • Cubot
  • Dogee
  • …….

All phone manufacturers via AliExpress.

aliexpress phone

Buying tips

Some tips for buying a phone via AliExpress.

Is the phone suitable for your network?

Always check if the AliExpress phone is suitable for your mobile network.  At the product details of the AliExpress smartphones, it is exactly indicated which networks are supported

Are there Google apps available for the AliExpress phone?

Always check if an AliExpress phone is equipped with Google apps like Gmail, Youtube, Play store etc. If this is not indicated on the product page, you may ask the seller. You can also do some research yourself via Google about the specifications and possibilities of the phone.

Does it have English language available on the AliExpress smartphone?

Check if the AliExpress phone has English as an option. This is the case in 9 out of 10 cases, but not always. This is also indicated on the product page.

Always check the reviews!

Always read the reviews of the phones on AliExpress before you buy one. Read blogs from technology sites or reviewers. Based on this information you can make a good estimation regarding the phone’s quality.

Android version of the phone

The software plays an important role for the AliExpress phone. Check if Android is available and which version it is. There are Android versions available that don’t get updates anymore (like Android 6.0 Marshmallow). Therefore, always check the software beforehand and see if it still gets an update every now and then. This way you can be sure that you won’t encounter any unforeseen surprises with your newly ordered AliExpress phone.

More information about ordering an AliExpress phone?

If you want more information about ordering AliExpress phones. You can always email  For other questions as well, our customer service is always happy to help you out.

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