AliExpress AirPods

Airpods are becoming increasingly popular on AliExpress as well. These are not the real ones from Apple, but imitation products. Still they might be worth a try because they can be 10 to 15 times cheaper than the original ones. Can the cheaper Airpods on AliExpress compete with the ‘real’ deal? In this blog I will give you a review after buying one of these products.

Apple Airpods on AliExpress – Imitation/ clone

As mentioned before, these are imitation airpods from AliExpress. Still we wanted to try them out and ordered an i7 mini. If you want to buy the Apple version, it’ll cost you $159. We ordered these for about 3 dollars. Only disadvantage was that you only get just one. This has to do with the practical reason that the technology behind the wireless connection of two AliExpress AirPods earpods is too expensive to process. Even for China.

Review – AliExpress AirPods quality

What is the AliExpress Airpods quality? After reviewing the i7 Mini we tested, the i7 Mini’s quality is above our expectations. You can connect the phone to your mobile phone with a button on the earplug. A bright light indicates the status. This can also be seen during charging. A female voice tells you if the AliExpress Airpods are connected.

The audio quality is surprisingly good. Compared to some other earpods, the i7 is much better. And that for a louse 3 dollars. In comparison with more expensive Chinese brands like Xiaomi, the difference in quality is practically non-existent. Compared to the real AirPods, the difference with AliExpress is still quite big.

aliexpress airpods

AliExpress Airpods

Surprising audio quality from the AliExpress airpods

In comparison with more expensive brands like Sony and Seinheiser, I see little difference in audio quality with the AliExpres AirPods. That’s quite astonishing, for that price. Makes you wonder what the margin is on these expensive brands. Especially if the technology can be put in these products for a few dollars.

Test: Calling with the AliExpress AirPods

The earplug is not touch sensitive, but a smaller button solves this problem. It’s possible to call the AliExpress AirPods using the built-in microphone. Recording is done with the button. I tested this by calling several people. These people could all hear me. I didn’t have to take my smartphone out of my pocket. There are even more possibilities with this button:

  • Pick up and hang up the phone
  • Controlling music

Review summary AliExpress AirPods replicas

Our conclusion after this review with the AliExpress AirPods replicas is that it is a great product, especially considering the price. The audio quality is fine and there are several functionalities you can use. This is not comparable to the real Apple AirPods, but definitely worth it for the price. If you want to try it out for yourself, here’s where to buy the best AirPods.

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