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Can you buy dresses from AliExpress? Yes, you can! If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a beautiful dress, AliExpress dresses for a wedding is a godsend. In this article we’ll tell you everything you’ll need to know about dresses on AliExpress. Can’t wait to go shopping on AliExpress for your bridesmaid dresses? Just follow the link here.

125.000 AliExpress Dresses

There are about 125.000 dresses on AliExpress, with more adding to that number every day. There are dresses for every occasion and in every style, plus there are tons of AliExpress reviews on the dresses. This means that not only can you find the perfect dress in your favourite style, but you can also check the quality easily by reading the reviews. If you need help with looking for dresses from AliExpress, you can always contact us via mail at

aliexpress dresses

Why Buy Online AliExpress Dresses?

The main advantage of buying AliExpress dresses is that they are considerably cheaper than your local store. Instead of dropping $50 or £50 for a nice dress at your local store, you’ll can find up to 10 gorgeous dresses on AliExpress for the same price!

Sharing Experiences on AliExpress Dresses

The good thing about AliExpress is that there is an active community of buyers who like to share their experience with clothes that they buy, especially AliExpress dresses. Dresses on AliExpress, like other products, receive a star-rating and have reviews. Read the reviews to see if the quality was as expected, or if the sizing falls smaller or larger than what the label says. Besides that, there are usually pictures of the dresses on AliExpress from various angles. So, if the dress you receive does not match the pictures in the description, you can always open up a dispute for a refund.

One of the biggest advantages of shopping for dresses from AliExpress is that you don’t need to go out. You can sit on the couch and simple scroll through thousands of the dresses on AliExpress. If you dislike being pushed around in crowded stores, if you have no time to go shopping, or if you simply don’t want to go out due to bad weather: shopping dresses from AliExpress mean you don’t have to leave the house!

Types of AliExpress Dresses

You’ll find an enormous selection of dresses on AliExpress. All types of women’s dresses and sizes are available, for every age group. These are the AliExpress dresses that are most frequently bought:

Prom dresses. Sparkle on your big night, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg!
Wedding dresses. Weddings are expensive as is, no need to spend thousands on a dress! Most of the times, Chinese designer brands are just nice, or even superior to Western brands.
Women’s dresses. For everyday wear – casual to office.
Cocktail dresses. Looking for your
Long dresses. There is nothing classier than a floor-length dress, but you don’t need to empty out your account for it.
Summer dresses. Trendy dresses with breathable fabrics for those warm summer months.
Specialty dresses. Know a 4-year old that would love to have an Elsa-dress? Look no further!

Need Help With Ordering AliExpress Dresses?

If you need help with finding or ordering dresses on AliExpress, just send an email to us. We’re always curious to hear what your experience is with dresses from AliExpress and would love to hear from you! If you share it with us, we will share it on this page. This site is full of handy articles with information about AliExpress, but if your question isn’t answered, simply write us an email.


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