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The company AliExpress is from China, and it’s a platform or webstore for Chinese individuals and smaller companies. Through this platform, they are able to sell their products to consumers in foreign countries. In this blog, we’ll give you a bit of background about the biggest webstore: AliExpress from China.

AliExpress China – Alibaba Group

Before there was AliExpress in China, Jack Ma founded the Alibaba Group in 1999. However back then Alibaba was a strict B2B (Business to Business) platform, meaning that Chinese businesses could sell to foreign businesses. There was no chance for an individual like you or us to buy directly from Chinese sellers.

But this changed in 2010, when AliExpress was founded, specifically for retail, which is B2C (Business to Customer). The biggest advantage is that you’re buying directly from the manufacturer, so the prices are considerably lower than if you’d buy them from a middleman or store. If you’re looking to buy value for your money without breaking the bank, look no further than AliExpress from China. Even though they don’t sell products themselves, it is THE platform to buy products from China.

AliExpress china

AliExpress China – History

The goal of founding AliExpress in China was to offer Chinese producers and manufacturers worldwide markets outside of China. First the idea was to offer products in bulk. This means that you don’t sell or buy 1 product, but 100s of the same products. This is often used by companies so they can profit from buying bulk with a discount. In the beginning, you had to buy a minimum of 20 to 50 pieces of a particular product.

You can still buy bulk from AliExpress in China, if you want to, but today you can also buy individual products. This means that consumers have a way of profiting from the cheap products from AliExpress China. Right now you can even order products for 30 cents and have free shipping from China, isn’t that crazy?!

AliExpress China – The #1 Chinese Platform

In comparison with other platforms, AliExpress China is the #1 platform for buyers of products from China. The reason for this is clear: the seller only gets his or her money when the buyer has confirmed that they have received the product, AND if the product matches the description. This means that buyers have more security when ordering products from AliExpress China in comparison to other platforms.

Another advantage of AliExpress China is that if you order multiple products, you’ll get multiple packages. Every seller will send their own product in a separate package, there is no grouping of packages. So even if a package gets lost somehow on the way from China, you won’t be losing your complete order – the other packages will still arrive! The reasons are clear, if you’re looking for a safe, and reliable platform for Chinese products, AliExpress China is the best choice.

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AliExpress China is Reliable

We’re completely convinced about AliExpress China, as you can see from this site. From the feedback we receive, most, if not all packages arrive from China when ordered from AliExpress China. And if they don’t, or if there is a problem with the package, you’ve got a lot of options to get your money back or a new product sent to you. We’ve covered this in a few blogs, so if you’re interested in how AliExpress China makes sure they are reliable, read them!

If you still have questions about AliExpress, or if you simply want to know more about our readers experiences with the reliability of AliExpress China, just send an email to Be sure to look around the site, because we have written dozens of articles full of information and insider tips about AliExpress China. From payment methods to frequently occurring problems, buying the trendiest dresses and phone cases!

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