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Shopping AliExpress toys are fun and cheap. You’ll be amazed at what quality products you can buy. Not only ‘Made in China’ products but also high quality materials. Especially when it comes to the holidays, you can find great gifts cheaply. Keep in mind that the shipping time is a bit longer than normal. Calculate about 14 days for this. In this blog we will go deeper into popular toys that are ordered on AliExpress.

Popular AliExpress Toys – Ball Pool Balls

Ball bath balls as a type of toy is very popular at AliExpress. To be used in a pool, outdoors or in the bath. You can order 50 or 100 balls for little money.

Lancing shoes

Lancing shoes are the perfect children’s toys on AliExpress to learn how to tie laces. You can buy a wooden shoe on which you can learn to tie laces in an educational way.

large magnet selection

Everybody used to have magnets as toys, which is why they are very popular at AliExpress. From balls to sticks to car sets. You will find complete sets for little money.

Popular Toys > Marble track

Marble tracks are also part of the toys everyone used to play with, at AliExpress there are dozens of them for sale. You can assemble them yourself, which can also be fun. Buy some marbles and get started with your handmade track.

Wooden kitchen toys on AliExpress

Also a popular type of toy for girls mostly, and available on AliExpress, wooden kitchen toys.

aliexpress toys

Nicest dress up clothes

Everyone has dress up clothes in his closet. From Princess Elsa to Pokémons or spiderman. At AliExpress, you can buy fancy dress toys at affordable prices. Usually, it’ll cost you about 20 to 50 dollars for this kind of clothing. At AliExpress you will often find the best clothes for your children for a quarter of these prices. Best sold :

  • Princess Anna
  • Elsa
  • Rapunzel
  • Trolls
  • Pirate costume

Overview of children’s toys on AliExpress

All children’s toys on AliExpress are divided into different categories. As many as 25 in total. Below an example of some of these categories.

  • Dolls & Cuddles
  • Remote control Toys
  • Classic Toys
  • Learning & Education
  • Outdoor Fun & Sports
  • Action & Toys figures
  • Model building
  • And so there are 20 more categories

Ordering tips for safe toys at AliExpress

Some more tips to take into account when ordering toys on AliExpress

  • Read the reviews carefully and look at the quality of the product. Sometimes it’s better to buy more expensive toys (which are still very cheap), but look much better and safer.
  • Pay attention to the indicated sizes with the products. Do not accidentally buy mini products. Also read the description so you know what you are buying.
  • Compare the different suppliers of a product. Often there are reasonable price differences between them.
  • Also take a good look at the quantities you order. Do you order 10 balls or 1000?
  • Make sure the price is fixed or if there’s a quantity discount. Sometimes you’ll only see the price when you order more than one.

More information about buying toys at AliExpress

If you want more information about buying safe toys on AliExpress or tips about the nicest toys, you can always email Would you like to see the range of toys on AliExpress?

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