AliExpress Phone Cases

Many people use AliExpress to find their phone cases. No matter the brand, from AliExpress phone cases for iPhone 6 to other brands like Samsung, Huawei or Sony, you’ll find what you need. There are literally thousands of different types of cases for sale. In this blog we’ll give you the scoop on how to buy your AliExpress phone cases: the brands, the types, and all the extra features.

Different types of AliExpress Phone Cases

You’ll find different sizes and types of AliExpress phone cases. We’re not exaggerating when we’re saying there are literally thousands of different types of cases. You can find cases specifically for the back of your phone, but keep in mind that the front of your phone will not be protected. If you do want to protect the front of your phone, opt for a bumper case instead. The front of this case protrudes a bit, so the front side of your phone is protected.

We get the best feedback about flip cases. These protect the front and the back of your phone. Another option for AliExpress phone cases is a type of pouch, a bag where you can store your smartphone in. And lastly there is the AliExpress phone case that you can use as a wallet; not just for your phone, but also for any credit cards and money. So now that we’ve gotten a good overview of the different types of phones cases on AliExpress, let’s check out the cases per brand.

AliExpress Phone Cases

AliExpress Phone Cases for Every Brand

There are dozens of brands for mobile phones, some are well-known, but others like ZTE an Alcatel also are well represented in the low-end of the market. All of these phones have their own unique dimensions, and thus a unique AliExpress phone case. There are hundreds of options for Apple and Android phones, like the iPhone 8 or 9 or the Galaxy S8 or S9. You’ll have no problem finding AliExpress phone cases for iPhone 6, but also for the lesser known phones.

To find AliExpress phone cases for your specific phone, it’s just a matter of filtering for your type in the search results screen. This way you’ll see all the available phone cases at one glance. It’s almost impossible not to find fitting AliExpress phone cases for your phone, just take a look at the most popular brands that are available:

  • iPhone 6, 6s 7, 8, 9, and more
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, (a huge selection for Samsung)
  • iPhone 3G/3GS to X
  • Samsung note series
  • Xiami
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Nokia
  • And of course there is a huge offering for Huawei phone cases.

In short, a versatile and expansive offering!

AliExpress Phone Cases With Extra Features

Phone cases not only make your phone look better, but the AliExpress phone cases also offer various extra features to protect your smartphone even better! Let’s run through a few of these features.

Are you prone to letting your phone drop? Best to get a phone case that is shock-proof, which means that it’s extra durable against bumps and unexpected drops. Or are you someone who frantically googles the best way to revive a phone after dropping it in water? Then try out waterproof AliExpress phone cases. Isn’t it better to spend a few bucks to get a waterproof phone case instead of buying a new phone?

Ordering Your AliExpress Phone Cases

Excited to check out the offering of AliExpress phone cases? Just follow the link to the webstore and stroll through the huge range of cases. Use the filter function to find the specific type of case, brand or extra features. You’ll find AliExpress phone cases that not only fit your phone, but also look awesome!

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