AliExpress Promocode 2023

How can AliExpress get even cheaper? Well, with an AliExpress promocode! In this blog we’ll explain how you can redeem the promocode, so you’ll be saving even more money on your next order.

Where is My Promocode?

You’ll find AliExpress promocodes on various websites, and there are promocodes for all kinds of products. Some promocodes are only valid for specific countries, like the AliExpress promocode UK. Once you find a promocode, you can simply store it in your account on AliExpress. Once you’ve stored it, you can retrieve all your promocodes under “Account” in the right-hand corner. You’ll find a list of options there, and the last one is “My Coupons”.

You can find promocodes on, Groupon, and many more websites. A simple Google search will give you hundreds of results of websites with AliExpress promocodes for 2021.

AliExpress promocode 2019

Using The AliExpress Promocode

Once you’ve got a nice collection of AliExpress promocodes, you can use them very easily. After you’ve shopped around for the products you want to have on the site or in the app, add them to your shopping cart. In your shopping cart screen you have to select “Buy All” and click the box for “Apply AliExpress Coupon”.

You can now choose which promocode you want to use. The discount code will be applied to the amount, and you’re all set to pay for your order. However: sometimes a certain AliExpress promocode is only valid for certain products from a category. Or other conditions might apply, like total order amount. So keep track if the discount is actually applied!

6 Steps to Using an AliExpress Promocode

So let’s recap: there are only 6 steps needed to redeem your promocode once you’ve found one on a site.

1: Register for AliExpress or log in to your account
2: Enter the AliExpress promocode on the applicable page
3: Chose what you want to order
4: Place the product(s) in the shopping cart
5: Use the AliExpress promocode for your discount
6: Pay for your order, and your package with discount is on the way!

And remember to check your shopping cart to see that the AliExpress promocode is applied. Or if there are conditions that you were not aware of, like if it counts for specific products, or all products, or if it’s a regional discount code like an AliExpress promocode for UK. So if you want to order 5 products, but you see in your shopping cart that only 3 products have the discount applied, it could be that the other 2 are not eligible. In that case you can also simply select the 3 products with discount and only order these.

Questions About AliExpress Promocodes?

If you have any questions about how to use a AliExpress promocode for 2019/2021, you can simply ask us via email at You can use this email for all other questions as well!


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