How does AliExpress work?

How does AliExpress work? We are going to answer that question in this blog. You will read more about the possibilities and we will tell you more about the process of ordering something on AliExpress.

How does AliExpress work exactly?

How exactly does AliExpress work? AliExpress works like any other platform involved in online product sales. In short, on AliExpress you can find all kinds of products. On the website, all articles are divided into different categories to help the client navigate easily within the platform.

How does AliExpress work? – Product categories

As mentioned before, AliExpress works with product categories. Below are the most popular product categories used by the users:

  • Clothing for men, women and children
  • Consumer electronics
  • Sporting goods
  • Articles for beauty and health
  • Motorcycle and car accessories
  • Shoes and accessories
  • Jewellery
  • computers
  • Mobile phones and telecommunications
  • Household appliances
  • Gardening products

Within each category, subcategories are used to make the search easier, faster and more logical. Each product is then equipped with extensive product details, various photos and an explanation of all functions + purchase price.

If you like any of the products you see on AliExpress, just add it to your shopping cart and proceed with payment. See the step-by-step plan ‘How to order from AliExpress’.

how does aliexpress work

How AliExpress shipping work?

Considering the origin of the goods, shipping times are quite long on AliExpress, the average waiting time is often longer, two to four weeks.

How does ordering from AliExpress work?

Above you can read how AliExpress works as a platform. Ordering on this webshop can be done in five easy steps.

How does AliExpress work – 1: visit the platform

Download and install the app or visit the website. You can find the app in Google Play or in the apple store. Then you can download and install the app.

How does AliExpress work – 2: your account

Step two in the step-by-step plan of how AliExpress works is the account phase. Always create an account first. Add your address and personal information. You only have to do this once (or you have to relocate). With your account you can create wishlists and save for coupons.

How does AliExpress work – 3: searching for products.

Step 3 in the step-by-step plan of how AliExpress works is the search phase. Check out some nice products on AliExpress. Navigate through the different categories, view the offers, view suggested products, use the search bar and there are even more possibilities to find suitable products.

How does AliExpress work – 4: the shopping cart.

If you have found something you want to order, you can add it to the shopping cart. For several products you first have to specify a size or colour. Then there are 2 options. Add to the shopping cart or buy. If you want to continue your search, you can choose option 1, if you only want to pay for this product, you can choose option 2.

How does AliExpress work – 5: Ordering.

The last step regarding ‘How does AliExpress work’ is the ordering phase. If you have chosen option 2 and are logged in to your account, you only need to check your personal data. Is the address still correct? If so, go to pay and checkout. You will receive a confirmation of payment and when the product has been shipped. Wait a few weeks and your product will arrive.

How does AliExpress work – questions?

How does ordering on AliExpress work? We have gone through all the steps from creating an account to checkout and shipping. For more questions about this topic or any other topic you can mail to If you want to order directly from AliExpress, click here!

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