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Want to buy an AliExpress Rolex? It may be a bit tricky, but this blog will tell you all the things you’ll have to keep in mind when looking for AliExpress Rolex watches. You’ll need to dig a bit deeper with the search bar, but it is possible to find and buy your AliExpress Rolex. But first things first: obviously they are going to be a fake, however this doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as gorgeous and luxurious as the real thing! Just take a look at this AliExpress Rolex link to see what the webstore sellers can offer you.

So sure, it’s a knock off product, and there is a chance that the customs will intercept it. But since you’ll be paying considerably less for your AliExpress Rolex watches, in comparison to the real thing, it’s worth the risk. Worst case? You won’t receive the product.

How Much Do AliExpress Rolex Watches Cost?

A real Rolex will cost you an arm and a leg, you won’t find any under a couple of thousand dollars or pounds. But what about an AliExpress Rolex? If you take the time to search industriously, you’ll find AliExpress Rolex watches ranging between 12 to 130 dollars. Of course this price difference means a difference in quality and the prestige you feel when wearing it but ask yourself if that is the most important thing for you when you are buying your AliExpress Rolex.

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My AliExpress Rolex is Fake!

You’ve anxiously awaited your package from China, opened it, and come to the conclusion that your AliExpress Rolex is fake. Well, you’ve actually ordered a fake in the first place! It’s not reasonable to expect a real Rolex for the prices AliExpress Rolex watches go for. A real Rolex costs thousands, not a hundreds of dollars.

In any case, keep in mind that it’s illegal to order knockoffs from brands. So if your AliExpress Rolex is sporting a logo, you might get caught and pay a fine. If you want to avoid this, it’s best to buy AliExpress Rolex watches without a logo or brand name on it. A tip from us: check out the seller of the AliExpress Rolex. Ask them if there is a fake logo on the watch. This way you’ll be sure to avoid that fine.

Reviews of AliExpress Rolex Watches

We regularly receive feedback from readers about products they’ve ordered from AliExpress, and one of our faithful readers wrote a review about his AliExpress Rolex. It goes into details about the flaws in the watch and the differences in comparison to a real Rolex:

“When I saw the cheap prices for the AliExpress Rolex watches, I needed to get one immediately to see what the quality of this knockoff was. I’ve got quite some experience with Rolex knockoffs, so I bought the silver submariner. This being said, if you buy a 15-dollar AliExpress Rolex, you get what you pay for. Anyone who knows something about Rolex watches would see it’s fake if they looked at it longer than 2 seconds.

The first big flaw in the AliExpress Rolex is the movement. It has quartz movement instead of an automatic second hand, which is normal for an authentic Rolex. This is probably the biggest and most obvious flaw.

The second obvious flaw is that there are no engraved letters on the watch face. There should be “ROLEX” and the name of the series, but there is nothing. And of course the laser engraved Rolex logo of a crown is missing. And lastly, the “cyclops” (the little magnifying glass above the date) doesn’t magnify the date completely, a real Rolex has 2.5x magnification (which this AliExpress Rolex absolutely does not have).”

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Rolex AliExpress – Warranty and shipping times

It’s essential to understand that buying a Rolex on AliExpress doesn’t come with a warranty from Rolex. Rolex only covers watches purchased from their authorized dealers. If you do happen to get a genuine Rolex, it will come without any warranty. On the brighter side, AliExpress has a buyer protection policy that might come in handy if the watch you purchase suddenly stops working. You can request a refund or replacement, but again, the process can be challenging due to the nature of the product.

Another aspect to consider when buying a Rolex on AliExpress is the shipping times. The shipping times on AliExpress can be unpredictable, mainly if you’re purchasing a Rolex from a seller outside your country. It may take weeks, if not months, for your watch to arrive. On the other hand, purchasing a Rolex from an authorized dealer means that it will arrive relatively quickly and in perfect condition.

Ordering AliExpress Rolex Watches

If you’re interested in buying a watch after reading this blog, with tips, insights and reviews, just follow this AliExpress Rolex link to find out if there are any AliExpress Rolex watches out there for you!

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