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The latest craze on AliExpress is diamond painting. What is it exactly, what are you supposed to do with it and what type of diamond paintings can you order? You’ll read all about it in this blog.

What Are Diamond Paintings on AliExpress?

Have you seen those paintings on your Facebook feed or Instagram that are made from seemingly millions of little gems? These are diamond paintings and you can get them cheaply on AliExpress. You’ll receive a canvas with the painting pattern on it, and dozens of little bags of coloured crystal gems, that you can easily glue on to the canvas. If you follow the pattern, you’ll end up with a beautiful diamond painting to call your own. It does take some time to finish a diamond painting from AliExpress, so it’s also sometimes called “cross stitching with gems”.

What to Look For With Diamond Paintings on AliExpress

There are some things to keep in mind when you look for diamond paintings on AliExpress. Firstly, check if it’s a full or a partial painting. A full painting means that the entire diamond painting is made from gems, partial means that only a certain area is to be filled with gems, and the rest is an image without gems. Be very sure to check this in advance to avoid being disappointed when your diamond painting from AliExpress arrives!

aliexpress diamond painting


Prices of Diamond Paintings on AliExpress

Check the price of the diamond painting you want from AliExpress. Some of the more elaborate and bigger full diamond paintings can run over $50, and the higher the value of the product, the higher the chance that customs might intercept your package and place import fees on it. To avoid this risk, it’s better to buy more expensive paintings separately, even from the same seller. As single packages that fit through the mail slot tend to bypass customs fees entirely, you’ll have a bigger chance that your diamond painting from AliExpress arrives without surcharges.

The Canvas Size of  Diamond Paintings on AliExpress

Although smaller canvasses might be cheaper, the reward of a completed diamond painting from AliExpress is bigger when the canvas is larger. The little gems are exceptional to create striking details with, and on smaller canvasses there simply isn’t enough room to give them that opportunity. So, if you’re looking to buy diamond paintings on AliExpress, opt for one big canvas instead of two smaller ones. You might have found the next centrepiece for your living room!

AliExpress Diamond Painting Frame

Some sellers on AliExpress offer the possibility to buy a frame for your diamond painting at the same time as you buy the canvas. Often this is just a simple wooden frame. If you want to frame your diamond painting from AliExpress with something fancier, you’ll have to keep an eye on the dimensions of the canvas. It’s easier to find frames at the Walmart or Dollar store for canvasses with typical dimensions. If your diamond painting has a dimension that is not conventional, you might need to get it framed by a specialist, which can be expensive.

aliexpress diamond painting

Round or Square Gems?

There are two options for diamond paintings concerning the gems: round or square shaped. You’ll find a big debate amongst diamond painting enthusiasts about which one is better, but as a novice there isn’t a big difference either way. Just buy according to your own personal taste. Good to know however, is that round gems will give you more spacing between the gems on your diamond painting.


Working on a diamond painting is a slow, but very rewarding process. And if you have a diamond painting with lots of colours, it can take even longer. If you’re the type that likes to see fast results, then perhaps a smaller canvas with a few colours is a better option. If you like to take your time and enjoy the process of creating a diamond painting, go crazy!

AliExpress Diamond Painting: Accessories

When you order a diamond painting on AliExpress, oftentimes you’ll receive a complete starter pack. This means that all the materials and accessories that you’ll need to create your diamond painting are in the package. Usually the accessories are a special pen, sorting tray, tweezers, and glue. You’ll find these accessories with your canvas about 90% of the time. So, as soon as you receive your package, you can start your diamond painting without a trip to the local craft store for missing tools. And as a bonus, you can use these tools for your next diamond painting projects! The only thing you’ll need to check when ordering diamond paintings is if these accessories are included with your canvas, and if there is more than enough glue for your entire canvas (check the reviews!).

AliExpress Diamond Painting AliExpress Motives

If you’re looking for a specific type of diamond painting on AliExpress, don’t worry, you’ll find what you need! The selection is endless, and if you can’t find what you need, there is always the option to order a custom-made diamond painting canvas on AliExpress, based on a picture you provide. Here are some of the most popular diamond painting motives on AliExpress:

Flowers. A timeless classic, with all colours of the rainbow for rewarding diamond painting.
Animals. This is the second-best performing motive if we only look at sale volume. You’ll find thousands of variations of your favourite animal!
Disney. Especially for the younger generation, Disney-themed canvasses are really popular.
Custom-made. Want to surprise your loved one with a diamond painting based on their picture? Makes a great birthday present!
Christmas. What is more rewarding than giving hand-made Christmas gifts?
Quintet. These 5-part diamond paintings give your house a distinguished atmosphere.
Peacock. Of all the animal motives for diamond paintings, the peacock is the most popular. How could it not be with such an impressive colour palette?
Buddha. Buddha statues as decoration is pretty common nowadays, but how many people have a Buddha diamond painting?

Other popular motives for diamond paintings on AliExpress are:
– Birds. Capture freedom with a bird spreading it’s wings.
– Butterflies. And inspirational animal that brightens up any room.
– Dogs. From the classic poker playing dogs to your favourite breed.
– Rubenesque women. The body acceptance movement is growing!

AliExpress Diamond Painting Experiences

If you have any questions about diamond paintings on AliExpress, and how to order them, send us an email at You’ll find many answers to questions on this site, so take a look around! We’re also very interested in your experience and reviews about diamond paintings from AliExpress. We’d love to share your opinion with other readers! If you’re all excited to get started on your next diamond painting from AliExpress, just follow this link for a discount on your next canvas!


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