Wish or aliexpress

Wish or AliExpress, this blog will compare them based on my own experiences with these platforms

Wish, AliExpress and other platforms

Besides Wish and AliExpress there are some other big webshops where you can order products like Mini In The Box, Shein, Banggood and hundreds of lesser known webshops. There is one thing that these webshops have in common. You order your products in china and they’ll be shipped to your doorstep.

A comparison between Wish and AliExpress

First part of the comparison of Wish or AliExpress is the platform itself.

Wish is a platform consisting of many smaller webshops. All these webshops can use the Wish platform. There is 1 special wish app and also 1 website.  You need a profile before you can view and order products.

At Wish you pay shipping costs for each product. There is no possibility to bundle these costs. An example:

  • You order a 30 dollar clock,  you pay 2 dollars in shipping costs.
  • You order 2 30 dollar clocks, you pay two times two dollars shipping costs. The total is now 4 dollars
  • You order 3 30 dollar clocks, you pay three times two dollars shipping costs. The total is now 6 dollars.
  • And so on

As of 2018, you can use Klarna afterpay on Wish. This is a payment option. Other advantages are the customer service that responds quickly and that you can get your money back very easily. Moreover, it’s easy to cancel an order if you haven’t received it at home. Now the comparison of the Wish platform with AliExpress.

wish or aliexpress

Wish or AliExpress

If we compare AliExpress with Wish, there are no big differences. AliExpress is also a platform where you can offer your products, as a Chinese webshop, allowing you to sell to the whole world.

They have an app and website. The advantage of the AliExpress website compared to Wish is that you don’t need a profile to see the products. If you want to order this is necessary however.

The shipping costs at Wish are very expensive, but at AliExpress products are shipped for free. This makes it very appealing to order. There are some products that do require some shipping costs. Pay attention to this when ordering. Still, at this point of the comparison Wish of AliExpress, Ali wins.

Shipping options Wish or AliExpress

If we compare shipping options between Wish and AliExpress the latter wins. You can get your parcel within a week if you want, and that from China. Standard shipping takes on average between 7 and 14 days. The AliExpress customer service is also accessible and is always happy to help you.

Wish or AliExpress – Final verdict

There aren’t that many differences between Wish and/or AliExpress. The biggest advantage of the latter is the low shipping costs. Another disadvantage of Wish is that I haven’t always received all of the packages I ordered. About 20% of my orders did not arrive. This can be stupid bad luck but because of this I usually order at AliExpress, where I always received my orders. When it’s up to me, Wish or AliExpress, I’d go for Ali.

Ordering online from China

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what you feel most comfortable with. I am curious about your experiences with Wish or AliExpress. I can be reached at info@chinesewebshopping.com


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